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ear seeds for babies with drug withdrawals

Ear Seeds for Babies: A Heartwarming Case for Auriculotherapy

Vanderbilt medical researchers did a study on the feasibility of ear seeds for babies suffering from opioid withdrawal. Read the heartwarming results!
control weight gain during pregnancy

Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy with Ear Seeds

Exciting new research study shows that pregnant women using ear seeds were able to substantially control weight gain during pregnancy.
best ear seeds depend on your lifestyle

What Are the Best Ear Seeds?

Everyone wants to know: what are the BEST ear seeds? From preference to lifestyle to what works with your body, here's what you...
what ears say about your health

What Ears Say about Your Health: Learn the Signs

The ears, like some other parts of the body, are a window into the health of your body. In this article, find out...
sober october tips

Sober October Is 100% Worth Doing, and Here’s Why

This month, abstain from alcohol to better your health. Here are a few unique tips on how to effectively reduce your alcohol intake...
ear massage techniques

5 Easy Ear Massage Techniques to Try Right Now

One of the best, yet often-overlooked, areas for self massage is the ears. In this article, we share 5 easy ear massage techniques...
ear seeds may reduce chemo side effects

Reduce Chemo Side Effects…with Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are a complementary therapy for health issues such as pain management, stress reduction, and to potentially reduce chemo side effects.
do ear seeds go on both ears

Do Ear Seeds Go on Both Ears?

Some practitioners say both ears, some suggest just one ear at a time. Here are some things to consider about whether ear seeds...
Ear Seeds as a Natural Remedy for Sleep Apnea

Ear Seeds as a Natural Remedy for Sleep Apnea

Is there another option besides CPAPs and surgery for sleep apnea? Check out ear seeds as a natural remedy for sleep apnea. Backed...
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