apply ear seeds step by step

How to Apply Ear Seeds Step by Step (7 Steps to Success!)

Do you need instructions on how to apply ear seeds step by step? Look no further! Here's your complete guide on DIY ear seed application.
7 things to avoid with ear seeds

7 Things to Avoid with Ear Seeds

Many "how to" articles have been written on ear seeds, but in THIS article, we provide a list of what to AVOID with ear seeds for the best experience.
4-3-1 rule to use ear seeds most effectively

The 4-3-1 Rule to Use Ear Seeds Most Effectively

Following the 4-3-1 rule to use ear seeds gives you the best chance of this working for the symptoms you hope to remedy. Find out what this rule is!
outer ear anatomy

10 Outer Ear Anatomy Parts to Know for Ear Seeding

To know where to put ear seeds, it's helpful to be familiar with outer ear anatomy. We explain it in an easy and fun way to understand!
how to make your ear seeds last longer

5 Ways to Make Your Ear Seeds Last Longer

Ear seeds usually stay on the ears for about five days. If they're falling off sooner, read this article for easy tips to make your ear seeds last longer.
are ear seeds reusable

Are Ear Seeds Reusable?

As tempting as it might be to try to reuse ear seeds, the question to "Are ear seeds reusable?" is a big NO. Here's why.
apply ear seeds yourself

How Do You Apply Ear Seeds Yourself?

You can apply ear seeds yourself — you just need to know how & where to place the seeds. Get our best tips on DIY ear seeds application here.
ear seeds acupuncture alternative

Are Ear Seeds Acupuncture? (Short Answer: Nope!)

Acupressure with ear seeds, acupuncture with needles. Both have shown positive outcomes in research studies, but there are differences!
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