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Why Buy Ear Seeds from Us?

With other ear seeds brands out there, why is buying from My Ear Seeds a no-brainer? Here’s the “My Ear Seeds Difference”:

  • Competitive prices when you shop ear seeds & auriculotherapy tools
  • Frill-free packaging, allowing us to ship for less (saving you money)
  • Research-based (because we love getting into the science of ear seeds!)
  • Virtual consults available with our Ear Seeds Specialist

New to ear seeds? We recommend the My Ear Seeds Self Care Kit or the My First Ear Seeds Kit, along with the Virtual Ear Seeds Consultation and the 4-Week Ear Seeds Tracker.

Used ear seeds before? We recommend the My Ear Seeds Refill Kit and the 6 Virtual Ear Seeds Consultation Sessions package.

When you shop ear seeds, whether from us or someone else, look for a brand that will teach you where on the ears to place the seeds for best results based on your specific health conditions.

Unless you’re local to an ear seeds practitioner or specialist who can place the seeds for you, you’ll need to get used to applying them yourself. It’s tricky at first, but with guidance and practice from our expert team, you’ll get the hang of it and be a pro at self-application in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Buy ear seeds now and join the thousands of people across the United States who elevate their health, one seed at a time!