Ear Seeds for Allergies & Respiratory Issues

How & Where to Place Ear Seeds for Best Results
Ear Seeds for Allergies and Respiratory Issues

The Science Behind Ear Seeds for Allergies & the Respiratory System

Ear seeds for relieving symptoms of allergic rhinitis? Yeah!

A meta-analysis of peer-reviewed studies looked at different treatments for allergic rhinitis symptoms, like sneezing and eye problems. These studies combined for a comprehensive analysis of 1,094 people, ranging from 3 to 70 years old, across 203 different trials. Overall, findings support that treatment using ear acupressure was more effective than control groups for improvement of nasal and other respiratory symptoms related to allergic rhinitis.

The people who got ear acupressure had a reduction in symptoms and reported better qualify of life compared to those who did not. Overall, this study suggests that ear acupressure can be a good option for people with nasal symptoms, especially related to allergic rhinitis.

Most Common Acupressure Points of Ear Seeds for Allergies & Respiratory Issues

It matters where on the ears you place the seeds (but we can help you with that when you book a virtual consult!)
Internal Nose (TG4) for Ear Seeds

Internal Nose

Lungs for Ear Seeds


Kidney for Ear Seeds



The Role of Ear Seeds for Allergies & the Respiratory System

Ear seeds have emerged as a natural and non-invasive method to bolster a healthy respiratory system. Derived from the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, these tiny seeds, often affixed to specific points on the ear, stimulate acupressure points associated with lung function.

By applying gentle pressure to these points, ear seeds are believed to encourage better airflow, alleviate congestion, and promote relaxation of the respiratory muscles. This holistic approach is thought to support lung health by enhancing the body’s own healing mechanisms.

While not a replacement for medical treatments, ear seeds for allergies and other respiratory issues offer a complementary avenue for wellness, providing individuals with an accessible and potentially effective means to fortify their lung function.

  • Acupressure Stimulation: Ear seeds target specific acupressure points on the ear associated with lung function, promoting better airflow and relaxation of respiratory muscles.
  • Congestion Relief: By applying gentle pressure to these points, ear seeds can help alleviate respiratory congestion and discomfort, supporting clearer breathing.
  • Holistic Approach: Ear seeds offer a holistic method rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, engaging the body's energy pathways to restore balance and enhance respiratory wellness.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Using ear seeds fosters mindfulness and self-care, empowering individuals to take an active role in maintaining their respiratory health.
  • Complementary Wellness: Ear seeds provide a non-invasive and natural approach that complements other respiratory treatments, serving as a potential aid in promoting a strong and resilient respiratory system.

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Ear seeds work best over time and with repeated use. That’s why most ear seeds studies involve multiple sessions of ear seeds. Our ear seeds are available in strips of 20. Order plenty!

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