FAQs about Ear Seeds

We're Sure You Have Questions about the Seeds...Let Us Answer for You!

What is an ear seed?

An ear seed is a tiny vaccaria flower seed or a gold or silver-plated bead that stimulates nerve endings/pressure points in the ear, feeding into the body’s microsystem.

What does an ear seed feel like? Does it apply pressure?

For most people, ear seeds cannot be felt after application unless nerves are already activated by signals coming from the corresponding body part.

Do you have to press your ears with these on in order for them to work?

Gently pressing on the ear seeds sporadically throughout the day (as you remember to for a few moments at a time) is recommended to stimulate nerves that run to the brain and track to the body part desired for treatment. In many research studies using ear seeds, participants were asked to manually press on their ear seeds at various times throughout the day. If the seeded point is already sore, no further stimulation is needed as nerves are already activated

How do ear seeds attach to the ear?

The tiny seeds, beads, or pellets of the ear seed stick to the surface of the ear with a small piece of adhesive tape that’s part of the ear seed. You don’t need any extra tape or adhesive, but you do need a pair of tweezers so you can lift the seed from the plastic strip on which it comes, place it on the ear, and press down gently so that it affixes to the ear.

Can you wear more than one seed at a time for multiple things?

Yes, you can, but it’s best to let the body process the most bothersome issue, or seed for the underlying cause of that issue if known. An added bonus is that one ear seed can address multiple issues as nerves converge at a single point. This is why Shen Men is a crucial point in every treatment protocol.

How do you get the adhesive backing off?

To remove the ear seeds, slowly and gently lift the adhesive backing from your ear with a pair of tweezers or your fingers.

How long does a package of ear seeds last?

How long a package lasts depends on the number of seeds in package, how many seeds are placed per session, and how often the seeds are placed. You can experiment with the process and timing on your own, or we suggest a virtual consult with one of our ear seeds specialists who can work with you on a protocol customized for you and any conditions you’re experiencing.

How well (and how long) do the seeds stay where you put them?

The seeds typically stay in place very well when the ear has been cleaned with an alcohol pad prior to placement. Five days is the recommended time to treat any given point. After that, the ear should be allowed to rest for a day before re-seeding is done on the same points, if desired.

Do you put them on yourself or do you have to have someone else to do it?

Anyone can learn to apply ear seeds on themselves with practice. We strongly recommend a virtual consultation with one of our ear seeds specialists so you can get one-on-one real-time video training on how to apply the seeds to your ears yourself.

What if you're allergic to jewelry?

Ear seeds should be placed with caution on those with metal or adhesive allergies.

I wear earbuds often while I work; will these interfere or make it uncomfortable to wear my ear buds?

The very smallest ear seeds can be placed in the part of the ear where earbuds go without interference.

Do ear seeds go inside the ear canal?

Ear seeds should never go inside the ear canal. Stick to the external or outer ear only when applying the seeds.

Do men use ear seeds? Mostly looks like they're for females.

Ear seeds styles are designed to please everyone who wants this modality of reflexology. Some seeds can barely be seen even at close range.

Do both ears need to be seeded for the same condition?

The short, simple answer is yes. Always seed both ears. In many condition protocols, both ears get the seeds in same spots.

The more complex answer: Since the liver (among other organs) is only on the right side of the body, the liver area would only get the seed. Same with spleen on left. No need to ever put a seed for spleen on right. But hey, if you do seed these areas on either ear, it’s OK!

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