Ear Seeds for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

When You're Not Getting a Good Night's Rest...Try Ear Seeds!
Ear Seeds for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

The Science Behind Ear Seeds and Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Studies point to improved sleep in postmenopausal women and cancer patients

Eighty-two women who had gone through menopause (ages 45-60) were divided into two groups in one study: one group receiving auriculotherapy for four weeks on sleep-related ear points and one group (the control) receiving auriculotherapy on false points and using ear seeds with no beads.

At the end of the study, there were statistically significant improvements in the legitimate ear seeds group in dimensions of:

  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Daily functioning
  • Overall sleep quality score
  • And more!

Another study found that ear acupressure improved the sleep quality of cancer patients who were experiencing sleep disturbances.

One more study sought to understand the effects of the stimulation of ear seeds on sleep in older females; participants who stimulated their ears by applying gentle pressure on the seeded ear points three times a day reported better sleep quality than participants whose ears were seeded but no pressure was applied.

Common Acupressure Points of Ear Seeds for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

It matters where on the ears you place the seeds (but we can help you with that when you book a virtual consult!)
Shen Men for Ear Seeds

Shen Men

Kidney for Ear Seeds


Insomnia Point for Ear Seeds

Insomnia Point

Heart for Ear Seeds


The Role of Ear Seeds for Insomnia Breakthroughs

Insomnia and other sleep disorders can be overwhelmingly frustrating and adversely affect quality of life for those who suffer from it. People with insomnia desperately try all sorts of treatments, seeking relief in the form of some decent shut-eye. If you haven’t yet tried ear seeds for insomnia as a complementary therapy, what do you have to lose? Let’s get started.

  • Order your ear seeds kit
  • Add on a virtual consult so you know exactly where to place the seeds for the best outcomes with your insomnia
  • After your ear seeds arrive, clean your ears and place the ear seeds during the virtual consult
  • Stimulate the ear seeds by applying gentle pressure on the points at least times per day
  • Document how you feel so you can measure and track your progress (hopefully overcoming insomnia or at least getting a little more nourishing rest)

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Ear seeds work best over time and with repeated use. That’s why most ear seeds studies involve multiple sessions of ear seeds. Our ear seeds are available in strips of 20. Order plenty!

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