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When it comes to ear seeds, we know that ear seed placement on the correct acupressure points is important if we want results. But how do we know what those “correct” points are?

Introducing Auriculo 360, your solution for ear seeds placement charts. But this tool isn’t your average ear seed chart — it’s 10x better. Why? Because it features a 3-dimensional ear that you can rotate (for those hard-to-see points behind the ear or in the concha of the ear), expand, and zoom.

Auriculo 360 for Conditions for Ear Seeds Placement Chart

My Ear Seeds is an affiliate of Miridia Technology’s auriculotherapy software, which means that when you sign up, we get a commission at no extra cost to you. But we would be promoting Auriculo 360 regardless because it’s that awesome of a tool.

Auriculo 360's Ear Seeds Placement Charts

Other companies may include ear seeds placement charts with their ear seeds kits. But 2-dimensional charts are severely limited in what they can provide, from minimal points to the inability to show "hidden" points.

At My Ear Seeds, we sell you the ear seeds and then send you over to the Miridia Technology website to start your free trial of Auriculo 360. We truly haven't seen anything better than this app. You can sync it across devices (both smartphone and computer), customize skin tone and language, and best of all, get hundreds of treatment protocols all in one place.
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I had something very specific in mind for my ideal 3D ear acupressure point software. Auriculo 360 met each of my must-have criteria. I couldn't be more excited to recommend these ear seeds placement charts, via one incredible app, to My Ear Seeds customers and clients.
Kaci O'Dell, Founder and CEO of My Ear Seeds

Democratizing Auriculotherapy

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about at My Ear Seeds, it’s giving people the knowledge and skills to take charge of their health and wellness. This includes sharing the keys to acupressure point placement.

Auriculo 360 is accessible to the public (with an annual subscription), which means that more people can experience the power of ear acupressure.

Think of Ear Acupressure as a Constellation

Imagine a constellation of stars in the night sky. Each star represents an ear seed, and their varying brightness and positions create a unique pattern.

Similarly, ear seeds on the ear can be seen as tiny, individual elements that, when placed differently, form a personalized therapeutic pattern. This precise pattern can be represented on the ears through accurate placement of ear seeds, made possible by ear seeds placement charts like Auriculo 360.

auriculo 360 app - conditions for ear seeds

Auriculo 360's Team Has Done the Research (So You Don't Have To)

Sure, you can pore through volumes of research to try to identify the ear acupressure points used in the studies for specific conditions. Many studies, however, do not include ear seeds placement charts, and when they do, they’re 2-dimensional.

Or you can access ear seeds placement charts on Pinterest, Instagram, or another social media property. You’ll always be questioning the accuracy and integrity of these charts, though.

Don’t put yourself in that position. Choose the 3D ear acupressure app that gives you confidence in knowing that its protocols and points are spot on.

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