Ear Seeds for Addiction & Cravings

Use Ear Seeds as a Complementary, Non-invasive Therapy
Ear Seeds for Addiction and Cravings

The Science Behind Ear Seeds for Addiction & Cravings

64% of studies showed that auriculotherapy was effective in treating addiction

Researchers analyzed 36 studies on auriculotherapy and found that 23 of them pointed to acupressure’s positive role in treating the following:

  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Nicotine
  • Gambling

The results of one study on ear seeds and smoking cessation showed that ear seeds not only reduced the number of smoked cigarettes, but they also reduced smokers’ propensity to smoke when sick.

Common Acupressure Points of Ear Seeds for Addiction & Cravings

It matters where on the ears you place the seeds (but we can help you with that when you book a virtual consult!)
Shen Men for Ear Seeds

Shen Men

Heart for Ear Seeds


Subcortex for Ear Seeds


Lungs for Ear Seeds


How Ear Seeds Play a Role in Easing Addiction & Cravings

Addiction and cravings have become pervasive challenges in today’s society, often proving to be formidable hurdles to overcome. The grip of addiction can impact various aspects of our lives, making the journey to recovery a complex and demanding one. However, amidst this struggle, there are innovative approaches that offer hope and assistance.

Ear seeds, a holistic and non-invasive method, have emerged as a potential remedy to help curb these ailments. By targeting specific pressure points on the ear, ear seeds stimulate the body’s natural healing responses and promote a sense of balance. This alternative technique aligns with the principles of acupuncture and acupressure, aiming to alleviate cravings and ease the path to recovery.

While the challenges posed by addiction are undeniably daunting, exploring the potential benefits of ear seeds for addiction & cravings is undoubtedly a step worth taking on the road to regaining control and wellness.

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