Are Ear Seeds Reusable?

Ear seeds, which are tiny beads or pellets affixed to a small circular adhesive tape, are used for all sorts of conditions. They’re  a complementary, natural, and non-invasive treatment backed by loads of research. They’re inexpensive and widely accessible, but are ear seeds reusable? Read on to find out.

Ear seeds are naturally fragile

To answer the question “Are ear seeds reusable,” we must first explain the materials used for ear seeds. 

From the small ball that is the “seed,” to the adhesive tape that sticks to the acupressure points of the outer ear, the ear seeds are quite fragile and must be handled with care. 

When you buy ear seeds from us at My Ear Seeds and slide them out of the plastic sleeve, we don’t even recommend that you put them back into the plastic sleeve. Rather, store them in a safe, dry place by themselves (such as a bathroom drawer only you have access to). This prevents the tiny pellet from getting too jarred and sliding off its adhesive.

Ear seeds are single use only

Thinking you can save money and reuse ear seeds is tempting, but once you put ear seeds on for the first time, you’ll understand why they’re single use only. 

Once the adhesive sticks to the ear’s skin and you press on it, it’s not coming off without the tape getting warped or the bead of the seed losing its position on the tape. So when you use the tweezers to place the seed, you’re committing to it. Sure, you can try to ever so gently pull it off and reapply it, but the results of doing this aren’t usually the best. 

When you wear the seeds for the recommended five or so consecutive days, the case becomes even stronger for the ear seeds not being reusable. As much as we may want to apply them again, it’s simply not going to happen without a complete DIY through saving the bead and adding your own tape (not recommended, by the way!). You’ll see what we mean the first time you use the seeds.

Ear seeds are inexpensive 

Are ear seeds reusable? Nah. Not the current models, anyway. However, the ear seeds’ advantage is that they’re inexpensive, especially relative to other natural treatments.

They’ve been found in research studies to be effective in treating everything from pain and inflammation, to digestive issues, to anxiety and depression — you’ve just got to know where on the ears to place them.

While the general consensus is that ear seeds are not reusable, we suggest our refill kit for anyone needing that next set of ear seeds.

Happy seeding!

are ear seeds reusable

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