Do I Need to Buy Ear Seeds Near Me?

“Ear seeds near me” is a popular search engine query, but how important is buying ear seeds locally? With the technology we have available now, auriculotherapy and ear acupressure tools are widely accessible. You can both buy ear seeds online and do a virtual consultation online so you know exactly where and how to place them on your ears.

Buying ear seeds online

If by “ear seeds near me” you mean grabbing your smartphone and placing an order, we support that! Several brands sell ear seeds. Here we bring you high quality auriculotherapy products. Not only that, but we have cost-effective packaging as well — no frills, bells or whistles. It’s just a small brown mailer with our logo and your goodies inside.

In addition to ear seeds, we include in some packages, or individually, a few extras:

  • A pair of tweezers for lifting the ear seed off its plastic backing strip
  • Alcohol wipes for cleaning the ears prior to seeding them
  • A 4-Week Tracker so you don’t miss a day stimulating your seeds
  • A notecard directing you back here for placement tips and more

What we’re currently not including (and that may change, so always check our Shop for the latest products) is a mirror, but you can use a small handheld mirror or a larger bathroom mirror for the application part.

Getting an online/virtual consultation

In a perfect world, we’d have an acupressure specialist come to our house to seed our ears. Maybe some of us have the financial means and resources for that. The next best situation is locating someone locally who is trained in ear seeding. They would then train us to apply them ourselves. But even that can be costly and isn’t widely available or accessible.

For the rest of us, with busy schedules and tight budgets, a virtual consultation is a legitimate option. Is it the perfect option? Maybe not. It’s a viable option nonetheless and something worth trying if you have the basic technology to make it happen (this means, Internet connection and a computer or smartphone for video capability) and supplies in hand.

The auriculotherapy coaches we work with know how to complete an intake assessment with you, understanding what conditions or symptoms you’re seeking auriculotherapy to help with. They then can guide you virtually, using their ear models, charts and diagrams, and their own ears and yours (looking at you through your video).

“Ear seeds near me”? No, we bring everything TO you!

Looking for “ear seeds near me”? Check out these kits that we ship to you so you never have to leave the comfort of your home:

Even if you decide to buy the seeds elsewhere, even locally, be sure to come back here to purchase a virtual consultation (and save even more when you buy a package of six, where you get one of those free). We love the idea of doing it with a friend because you two can book one 30-minute session, split the cost, and get instructions and feedback for both sets of your ears.

Note: We are a Dallas and Oklahoma City based company, so we can do local consults in those areas on occasion. Please contact us to learn more.

ear seeds near me

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