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Gold acupuncture ear seeds are among the top purchased ear seed types, and for good reason. They’re discreet, stylish, inexpensive, safe, easy to apply, and effective. Seriously, what more could you want in a health product?

Looking for 24K gold ear seeds? We’ve got you!

Choose one of the products below by clicking its “Select Options” button. On the page that follows, select between the 24K Gold (default) option or the Silver Stainless Steel option. Then, add it to your cart, check out and pay! Your order of gold acupuncture ear seeds (if you opted for those) will be shipped within 1-2 business days and on its way.

If you’re still new to ear seeds and auriculotherapy and need a bit more convincing, we can help with that too.

Are ear seeds acupuncture? Well, not really, but…

The differences between acupuncture and ear seeds

Ear seeds aren’t acupuncture because ear seeds use acupressure to apply gentle pressure on select points of the ears. Acupuncture uses needles and punctures the skin. Ear seeds are needle-free and non-invasive.

Acupuncture can extend to other parts of the body. And although some people get creative with ear seeds, using them on other places, too, ear seed usage is generally limited to the ears.

The similarities between acupuncture and ear seeds

Ear seeds and auricular (meaning “of the ears”) acupuncture are in the same family of auriculotherapy. As such, they use similar acupressure points (also known as “acupoints”) of the ear to provide therapeutic support to various conditions, symptoms, ailments, and issues of the body.

Some people call ear seeds “acupuncture ear seeds” because the seeds work in such a similar way as acupuncture. The ear seeds advantage, however, is DIY self application at home (keep reading for more info on that part!).

Where to buy gold acupuncture ear seeds

As we’ve already mentioned above, you can buy your gold acupuncture ear seeds directly from us at My Ear Seeds, as well as from other online distributors and marketplaces. What’s great about ear seeds is that they’re widely accessible, and some researchers even reiterate this fact in their studies’ conclusions.

Currently, there’s no prescription required for ear seeds. They’re a complementary or alternative health product you can buy “over the counter” — not at your local pharmacy, but through sellers like us.

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Some acupuncturists or acupressurists sell ear seeds, but again, the beauty of using ear seeds is that there’s no red tape or hoops you must go through to purchase them. In fact, you could buy ear seeds through us and, if you wanted to, take them to your local acupressure or acupuncture provider to have them applied to your ears.

Alternately, we have our own virtual consultants who can guide you through a video call if you need the additional help applying them but still want to do it independently.

How to apply gold acupuncture ear seeds

Here are the steps to apply the gold acupuncture ear seeds:

  1. Gather your materials: 24K gold acupuncture ear seeds, placement chart or Auriculo 360 app (preferred), tweezers, mirror or phone camera, and alcohol wipe; most of these items are in our My First Ear Seeds Kit if you want to grab that and not have to think about it too much.
  2. Determine where you’re going to place the ear seeds: What condition or set of symptoms are you wanting to resolve, or are you just generally trying to keep your body in a healthy state? Based on your answer, find your desired protocol in the Auriculo 360 app. This will tell you where on your ears to place your ear seeds.
  3. Swab your ears with the alcohol wipes: This is not so much about cleaning them (although that’s good too) as it is removing oils so that your gold acupuncture ear seeds adhere to the skin better and last longer.
  4. Take the tweezers and gently twist and lift the ear seeds from their plastic backing strip: Go slowly on this step to avoid the pellet of the ear seed falling off its adhesive sticker. Don’t force anything. You might need to rotate the plastic backing strip as you lift the ear seed up and off.
  5. Identify the target acupoint on your ear, place the ear seed there, and press: Use the mirror every step of the way on this one.
  6. Apply to the other ear in the same way, as required. Read our article on whether you should apply the ear seeds to both ears.
  7. Finish applying the rest of the seeds in your protocol.
  8. Follow the 4-3-1 Rule of ear seeding: Our 4-Week Ear Seeds Tracker will help you adhere to the commitment of keeping the ears seeded for at least four (4) weeks while you stimulate the ear points three (3) times a day for one (1) minute each time.

Your gold acupuncture ear seeds should last for about 3-5 days before falling off or you manually removing them. Once that happens, wash your ears, give them a short rest, and then apply new ear seeds to the same ear points, leaving no more than a 24-hour gap between ear seeding sessions. For best results (and, sometimes, for any results), ear seeds must be used consistently.

Ear seed application might seem a little tricky at first, but it gets easier the more you practice. We recommend getting familiar with your ears by learning basic outer ear anatomy (something very few of us were taught in school.

Another application tip of ours is to practice repeatedly touching your targeted ear points with a fingertip before actually applying the seeds. Sometimes even a finger press can signal that you’ve hit the “right” point, depending on your condition or symptoms, because that area might be slightly tender. This indicates an opportunity area for earseeding. Be sure to cross-reference this with an ear seed placement chart or 3D model too, though.

Our final application tip is to ask a friend or partner to apply your ear seeds on your ears. They can see your ears better than you can, and their assistance will give you peace of mind that your gold acupuncture ear seeds are indeed in the right place.

Where to apply gold acupuncture ear seeds

The “where” in ear seed application is very important if you are using ear seeds for their therapeutic benefits (and most people are!). Someone using ear seeds for ADHD will need to put their ear seeds on very different spots on their ears than someone using the ear seeds for bad menstrual symptoms, for example.

The Auriculo 360 app provides the best ear placement protocols

Once you purchase the gold acupuncture ear seeds from us, we recommend that you start a 30-day trial subscription to Auriculo 360, which is everything that you could want in an ear seeds app. It beats traditional 2D ear seed placement charts by providing a 3D ear that you can expand, zoom and rotate on the screen with your fingers.

Auriculo 360 has captured over 300 ear acupressure points and over 180 protocols for different health conditions, so there’s no second-guessing where to place your ear seeds.

4 benefits of gold acupuncture ear seeds

Why gold acupuncture ear seeds? Here are a few reasons why so many people prefer this type:

1. They’re discreet

Wearing ear seeds in public? Whether you’re working in a corporate office or just running errands and want to keep your look low-key, these tiny 24K gold ear seeds are about as unobtrusive as you’ll find ear seeds to be.

2. They’re stylish

Even though they’re tiny, these ear seeds exude elegance. Whether paired with other ear jewelry or worn solo, the 24K gold seeds are the fashion detail you never knew you needed — until you get them, start wearing them, and realize that they complement any outfit or vibe.

3. They’re inexpensive

Unlike some of the more “blingy,” jeweled, or bedazzled types of ear seeds, the 24K gold acupuncture ear seeds are relatively inexpensive. With our frills-free and mostly eco-friendly packaging, ours are that much more on the cheaper side, which is especially helpful when you’re on a tight budget.

4. They work, and they’re safe

The big questions everyone wants to know:

  • Do ear seeds work?
  • Are they safe?

Yep to both! Ear seeds are evidence-based, backed by several research studies covering their use related to various health conditions and symptoms. Moreover, they’re generally safe, and when the rare side effect happens, it’s short-lived and mild.

24K gold acupuncture ear seeds

To sum it up

We’re really proud of the ear seeds kits we’ve put together for you, and we think you’ll really like the 24K gold acupuncture ear seeds we sell if that’s what you’re in the market for.

There are so many reasons to try this type of ear seed, and as long as you follow the correct protocol and application tips, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Best case, they work for you and you have a new product to add to your toolkit. Worst case, they don’t work for your body (because everyone is different, and individual results vary). But you won’t regret not trying them.

As with any health or medical product or regimen, please consult with your preferred healthcare provider before starting a new treatment. In addition, please review our disclaimer in the footer of our website.

Happy seeding!

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