Ear Seeds and Libido: Charge Up that Drive

This post is going to be a spicy one, but let’s face it: libido is a very real desire (no pun intended). There’s a lot that goes into a robust libido, from healthy hormones to a happy relationship. And if you’ve spent any time at all on our website and the plethora of research on ear seeds’ positive impact on all sorts of conditions, it may come at no surprise to you that an ear seeds and libido connection is notable. At least that’s what a couple of studies found.

Studies on ear seeds and libido

In a small study of breastfeeding women, half the participants received electrical stimulation on their ears, followed by ear seeds on specific points designed to help with sexual function. The other half was the control group, receiving “sham” treatment so they didn’t know that they weren’t in the group receiving the legitimate intervention and therefore wouldn’t skew the results.

The women in the intervention group, receiving the actual therapy, reported increases in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, sexual satisfaction, and orgasm compared to the control group. Differences between the intervention and control (sham) groups persisted one month, even, after the intervention.

Another study also examined auricular acupressure’s effect on the sexual function of breastfeeding (or lactating) women. As in the last study cited, women in this study who received the intervention reported significantly increased sexual quality of life, as well as more intercourse each week as compared to the control group receiving “sham” (or ineffective) “treatment.”

What’s great about this study is that the researchers took assessments at three different points: right after, one month after, and two months after the intervention. And at all three points in time, the intervention group had a significantly better sexual function and quality scores than the control group had. The lasting effects of the auricular acupressure in this study are some of the longest we’ve seen in a study on this topic yet!

Auricular acupressure points for libido

Take a look below at the differences between two studies’ suggested libido points. This goes to show that sometimes a variety of points can be used to support a single body system.

But also, for studies that find ear seeds and auriculotherapy to be ineffective (such as studies on ear seeds to induce labor), could it be that there were limitations in the choice of acupressure points? If researchers aren’t wholly aligned on which points to target, does that bring the validity of the study into question? Just some food for thought.

Barghamadi, Alimoardi, Oleson et al‘s study’s acupressure points:

  • Genitalia (two ear points)
  • Pelvic Point
  • Master Shoulder
  • Posterior Pituitary Gland

Rashidi Ahmad Abadi, Valiani, Kabir, Khalajinia, & Yazdkhasti’s study’s acupressure points:

  • Excitement and Point Zero (left ear)
  • Relax, Thalamic and Master Cerebral (right ear)
  • Shen Men, Libido, Ovary, and Uterus (both ears)

To sum it up

Both of the aforementioned auriculotherapy and ear seeds and libido studies used breastfeeding, or lactating, women as participants. Can this be generalized more widely across women? We can’t wait to see more research to draw further conclusions.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to find out what ear seeds can do for your libido, head over to our Ear Seeds Shop to buy ear seeds, purchase and schedule a virtual consultation for placement guidance, grab a downloadable ear seeds tracker, and more.

Happy seeding!

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