5 Ways to Make Your Ear Seeds Last Longer

Welcome! Maybe you’re here because you’ve just purchased your first ear seeds kit. Or maybe you’re looking for an ear seed restock. Either way, we’re glad you’re here, and we want to use this opportunity to answer one of the questions we get from those new to ear seeds and auricular (ear) therapy: “How can I make my ear seeds last longer?”

First, let’s cover some basic guidelines for using the ear seeds.

How long should ear seeds be used to help with my symptoms or condition?

Methodology used in ear seeds research tells us that ear seeds should be used consistently over a period of time. Studies typically use a 4-6 week period with intervention group participants. For that reason, we created a 4-Week Ear Seeds Tracker, available for purchase in our store.

When you download, print, and use this tracker, you’ll know a) when you started and b) how long to go to hit the minimum four-week mark of using the seeds (among being able to do other things like have reminders for daily stimulation of the ear seeds, and having a place to document how you’re feeling each day).

How long should one set of seeds stay on the ears?

The same set of ear seeds shouldn’t be used for the duration of your ear seeds therapy protocol (so, no trying to keep the same ones on for 4-6 weeks although there’s no way that would be possible anyway).

One set of ear seeds should stay on a minimum of three days, but probably closer to five days. By five days, they will naturally start to show signs of wear, or may have even already fallen off. You might can let the seeds go to six days if they still look like they’re in decent condition. But don’t try to push it or you’ll risk skin irritation or the ear seeds losing their effectiveness in applying light pressure to the ears.

To remove the ear seeds and prepare for your next seeding, use a pair of tweezers to gently lift the edge of the ear seed adhesive tape. Once you have a grip on the tape, lift the entire adhesive along with the seed. Dispose of the ear seed into a trash can.

How can I make my ear seeds last longer?

Now you know how many weeks an ear seed protocol should run, as well as how long each set of ear seeds should stay on before they’re removed and new seeds are reapplied.

Next, let’s address the 5 ways to make ear seeds last longer (we’re talking closer to five or six days rather than just three days):

1. Buy high quality ear seeds

Not all ear seeds are created equal. Find an ear seeds brand you trust to buy high quality ear seeds from. They might be more expensive than what you could find on Amazon, but your extra research and discretion could save you money in the long run.

2. Wipe your ears with an alcohol swab before seeding

Prior to applying ear seeds, clean your ears with the provided alcohol wipes to remove any oils or dirt. Then make sure your ears are completely dry before applying the seeds.

3. Avoid excessive sweating and heat

To make your ear seeds last longer, you might need to adjust your fitness routine to one that minimizes sweating as much. Similarly, long walks in Texas in 100+ degree temperatures won’t be conducive to ear seed staying power, either.

4. Use special care in the shower

You can shower with ear seeds (we want you to practice good hygiene), but avoid vigorously rubbing the ear seeds in the shower. After your shower, take a damp Q-tip and gently wipe it around the perimeter of the seeds’ adhesive tape.

We discourage bathing in a tub and swimming while you have ear seeds on if you want them to stay on and last.

5. Use clean hands and direct touch when stimulating the ear points

Before you touch your ear seeds with your fingers, wash your hands. Then once you’re ready to stimulate the points with your fingertips, press directly on the ear point with even pressure and without jostling the surrounding ear adhesive.

To sum it up

Ear seeds are already a relatively inexpensive self-care and wellness product. To stretch your budget for them even further, however, be sure to use the tips we’ve shared in this article to make your ear seeds last longer.

Happy seeding!

Disclaimer: The information provided by My Ear Seeds LLC is for educational purposes only, has not been approved by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition. Ear seeds should be used as a complement to care provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using ear seeds or making any changes to your healthcare regimen.

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