amazon ear seeds

Amazon Ear Seeds: Are They Worth Buying?

Considering buying Amazon ear seeds? They may be cheap, but you should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase there. Learn more.
ear acupuncture seeds

#1 Guide to Ear Acupuncture Seeds

Ear acupuncture seeds don't actually use acupuncture, but instead, acupressure. That means they're great for at-home DIY. Learn how to use them!
how to know which ear acupressure point to use

How to Know Which Ear Acupressure Point to Use

Knowing exactly which ear acupressure point to use for your specific condition or symptoms can be overwhelming. We're here to make it easy!
ear seeds for seniors

Ear Seeds for Seniors: Acupressure for the Golden Years

Explore ear seeds for seniors: simple, effective acupressure solutions! Learn easy application tips and enhance your wellness journey today.
ear seed instructions for proper usage

Ear Seed Instructions: Follow These 8 Important Guidelines

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these ear seed instructions will ensure that you get the best results possible from your ear seeds.
Auriculo 360 review - auriculotherapy software

Auriculo 360 Review: What We Love 💗 & What Could Be Better 👂

In this Auriculo 360 review, find out why we gladly recommend this 3D acupressure placement chart app to customers and clients of My Ear Seeds!
apply ear seeds step by step

How to Apply Ear Seeds Step by Step (7 Steps to Success!)

Do you need instructions on how to apply ear seeds step by step? Look no further! Here's your complete guide on DIY ear seed application.
7 things to avoid with ear seeds

7 Things to Avoid with Ear Seeds

Many "how to" articles have been written on ear seeds, but in THIS article, we provide a list of what to AVOID with ear seeds for the best experience.
4-3-1 rule to use ear seeds most effectively

The 4-3-1 Rule to Use Ear Seeds Most Effectively

Following the 4-3-1 rule to use ear seeds gives you the best chance of this working for the symptoms you hope to remedy. Find out what this rule is!
how to make your ear seeds last longer

5 Ways to Make Your Ear Seeds Last Longer

Ear seeds usually stay on the ears for about five days. If they're falling off sooner, read this article for easy tips to make your ear seeds last longer.
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