Amazon Ear Seeds: Are They Worth Buying?

One critique of websites like ours that sell ear seeds is, “Why buy your ear seeds when the Amazon ear seeds are so much cheaper?” And that’s a fair question. In this article we’ll discuss what you’ll find on Amazon in terms of auriculotherapy stickers or ear seeds kits, as well as what you may be missing out on if you buy Amazon ear seeds (and how we can help bridge the gap!).

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What to expect from Amazon ear seeds

When you do a search for “Amazon ear seeds,” you’ll find several different options, some from well-known brands in the auricular acupressure space, and others that are not branded.

Currently at My Ear Seeds we do not sell the Vaccaria ear seeds (click here to see what we offer), so if those are of interest to you, then you can find them for as low as $9.99 for 1,200 seeds with 4-star reviews. That’s a ridiculously good price, whether you’re on a tight or fixed budget or not. The reviews are fun to read too:

  • One customer reported they were a lifelong smoker, having smoked since 13 years old (now close to 60 years old). Putting the ear seeds on specific acupressure points for addiction caused the customer not only to be disinterested in the cigarettes, but actually disgusted by them.
  • Another customer said they used the acupressure points for insomnia and “slept like a baby” after applying the ear seeds.

What you lose out on when you buy Amazon ear seeds

When you buy Amazon ear seeds, you may miss out on a couple of benefits of buying them from a reputable brand with a customer service team. Specifically, you can’t control for quality, and you may not get the support you need to successfully apply them.

Quality assurance issues with Amazon ear seeds

In reference to the 1200 Amazon ear seeds pieces for $9.99, even though the product has 4-star reviews, if you read through the comments you’ll see quality concerns. Several customers mentioned that the adhesive is too dry to keep the ear seed from sticking to the ear. Quality ear seeds should stick to the ear at least three days, so to read a review stating “they fall off within 10 seconds” should raise some eyebrows. Whereas several customers wrote that the ear seeds were too dry, another customer said that a portion of the adhesive remained on the backing piece.

Lack of support in ear seed placement

Although many Amazon ear seeds kits come with auriculotherapy charts, or ear seed placement charts, these are two-dimensional printed diagrams that don’t give you the full view of an ear like a three-dimensional ear placement chart can. So even if you do buy Amazon ear seeds, we recommend coming back here to start your free trial of our favorite 3D auriculotherapy software, Auriculo 360.

Start your FREE trial of the Auriculo 360 ear acupressure app today!

In addition to a 3D ear to show you ear seed placement, Auriculo 360’s highlights include:

  • Ability to rotate, zoom, expand and move the ear with the touch of your fingertips — did you know that there are important acupressure points on the back of your ears too? That’s one reason an interactive 3D ear is so valuable!
  • Over 400 intensively researched points and protocols — you’ll find condition protocols for everything from mental health to insomnia to ADHD to lymphatic health and more
  • Option to use the app across device, such as your phone and computer
  • Ability to customize skin tone and language (5 languages available)

And did we mention that you can get a free trial to Auriculo 360 (click here!) to see if it’s the right tool for you?

Beyond Auriculo 360, the leading auriculotherapy software for both auriculotherapy practitioners and the biohacking or wellness enthusiast, we offer 30-minute virtual consultations where you can meet with our ear seeds coach over a video call. Your coach will answer your ear seed questions and guide you on all things ear seeds (proper cleaning of your ears, care of the seeds, placement, duration of seed wearing, and much more).

So even if you buy Amazon ear seeds and not ours, you can come back to us here at My Ear Seeds and purchase a 30-minute auriculotherapy consultation. Looking for a complete package, including the ear seeds and consultation? We have a My Ear Seeds Self Care Kit that comes with nearly everything you need to get started, minus your mirror and your phone (for the virtual consultation).

Weighing the pros and cons of Amazon ear seeds

Whether you buy ear seeds from Amazon or another online marketplace or brand makes no difference to us — what matters at the end of the day is that you’re pleased with your wellness purchase at the price that makes sense to you. We are proud of the ear seeds we offer, but they might not be for everyone, and it might give you peace of mind to start off with a cheaper option. Just know that you might be sacrificing quality, so beware of the risks.

Wherever you buy ear seeds, we do believe that printed ear charts provided with most ear seeds kits have major limitations. For that reason, do come back and start your free trial of Auriculo 360, the top ear seed placement app with an interactive 3D ear.

Happy seeding!

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