amazon ear seeds

Amazon Ear Seeds: Are They Worth Buying?

Considering buying Amazon ear seeds? They may be cheap, but you should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase there. Learn more.
acupressure point behind ear - massage and reflexology

What’s the Acupressure Point Behind Ears?

Discover an overlooked treasure: the acupressure point behind ears. Unearth a side of holistic wellness that's often left untapped! See the points.
ear acupuncture seeds

#1 Guide to Ear Acupuncture Seeds

Ear acupuncture seeds don't actually use acupuncture, but instead, acupressure. That means they're great for at-home DIY. Learn how to use them!
photizo red light therapy at home

DIY Red Light Therapy at Home with This State-of-the-Art Device

Experience the immense benefits of red light therapy at home with this hand-held, rechargeable LED light-therapy device. Both red & infrared light.
how to know which ear acupressure point to use

How to Know Which Ear Acupressure Point to Use

Knowing exactly which ear acupressure point to use for your specific condition or symptoms can be overwhelming. We're here to make it easy!
Benefits of a Heating Pad

The Pain-Relieving Benefits of a Heating Pad

Find comfort in warmth that caters to your health needs. Experience the pain-relieving benefits of a heating pad that is state of the art and EMF-free.
earlobe pressure points for ear seeding

6 Earlobe Pressure Points to Use for Brain Health

Based on traditional medicine practices like reflexology and acupressure, earlobe pressure points correspond to the brain, head, and face.
ear seeds for ear infections

Ear Seeds for Ear Infections: 11 Acupressure Points

Struck by an ear infection? Try ear seeds for ear infections. We show you where to place these tiny acupressure beads for possible symptom relief!
ear seeds for seniors

Ear Seeds for Seniors: Acupressure for the Golden Years

Explore ear seeds for seniors: simple, effective acupressure solutions! Learn easy application tips and enhance your wellness journey today.
ear seed instructions for proper usage

Ear Seed Instructions: Follow These 8 Important Guidelines

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these ear seed instructions will ensure that you get the best results possible from your ear seeds.
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