What’s the Acupressure Point Behind Ears?

It’s widely known that we have many acupressure points on our ears. But did you know there’s an acupressure point behind ears too? In fact, there’s not just one; there are several.

In this article, we’ll describe the posterior (back) side of the ear and discuss each acupressure point behind ears. Our purpose for explaining auriculotherapy (“therapy of the ear”) like we do is to make it accessible to the everyday person looking to add an evidence-based wellness boost to their health toolkit.

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How does the backside of our ears relate to the rest of our body?

Few of us give our ears much thought on a regular basis. Unless we’re looking at our ears in the mirror, they’re typically “out of sight, out of mind.” But in addition to giving many humans the gift of hearing, our ears act as a microcosm or microsystem of the greater body.

This therapeutic concept dates back centuries to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and, more recently in the 1950s, was affirmed by French doctor, Paul Nogier, who studied auriculotherapy in depth and documented his observations and findings.

Concerning the backside of the ear, this crude diagram below from our favorite auriculotherapy app, Auriculo 360, shows generally which parts of the ear correlate with certain organs, bones, systems and general body parts.

acupressure point behind ear
Image used with permission by Miridia Acupuncture Technology, the leader in online auriculotherapy software for practitioners and the general public

What do you do with information about an acupressure point behind ears?

Now that you know that your body at large is laid out inversely on the backside of your ear, you have a good sense of what acupressure point behind ears to stimulate for certain symptoms or conditions you may be facing.

If you’re interesting in a more scientific protocol for stimulating an acupressure point behind ears, as well as on the anterior or front side of the outer ear, we highly recommend that you start your 30-day trial to Auriculo 360. This app has over 400 combined points and protocols, plotted on an interactive 3D ear that you can zoom, expand, rotate and move to see all the sides of the ear. Yep, this even includes the acupressure point behind ears that you want to target, and it’s why 2-dimensional ear seed placement charts just can’t measure up to a 3D ear map.

Auriculo 360 features everything we love about auriculotherapy software that’s designed for both practitioners and for the everyday health and wellness enthusiast. Check out our Auriculo 360 Review: What We Love 💗 & What Could Be Better 👂.

Here’s a screenshot from Auriculo 360, which shows a behind-the-ear acupressure protocol for Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD):

  • Shen Men Acupressure Point Behind Ear
  • “Be Happy” Acupressure Point Behind Ear

These both happen to be primary points, which you want to try stimulating first (before moving to the secondary points). We know this because in the Auriculo 360 app, primary points are indicated by green dots, and secondary points are indicated by white dots. Color-coded keys are one of the many features that makes Auriculo 360 simple to use. Plus, this tool goes into depth on each ear acupressure point, explaining why it’s part of the protocol and showing you exactly where on the ear to stimulate.

add acupressure point behind ear
Image of acupressure point behind ear used with permission by Miridia Acupuncture Technology

How do you stimulate an acupressure point behind ears?

Knowing that you have an acupressure point behind ears isn’t enough — the benefit comes through stimulating this point. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Through gentle, manual pressing with your fingertips
  • Through acupuncture, applied by a licensed practitioner
  • Through ear seeds, the at-home DIY alternative to acupuncture

We have an entire article devoted to ear seeds, called #1 Guide to Ear Acupuncture Seeds. You’ll want to read that next. But at a high level, if you’re unfamiliar with ear seeds, they are tiny pellets, beads, or actual seeds (usually from the Vaccaria plant) that are taped or attached to your ear with a small adhesive sticker.

Ear seeds can be bought online without a prescription and applied at home by yourself or a trusted loved one. We sell ear seed kits, so stop by our online ear seeds shop and grab one!

To sum it up

In conclusion, understanding the acupressure points behind ears can be a valuable addition to your wellness toolkit. These points, intricately connected to various parts of our body, have a rich history rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the more recent observations of Dr. Paul Nogier. By knowing which acupressure point behind ears corresponds to specific symptoms or conditions, you can take proactive steps towards promoting your own well-being.

For those seeking a scientific approach to stimulating these acupressure points, we highly recommend exploring the Auriculo 360 app, a comprehensive tool that offers a 3D view of the ear and detailed protocols for various health concerns. This user-friendly app simplifies the process of locating and targeting the acupressure points, ensuring a more effective and accurate experience.

When it comes to stimulating these points, you have options, including manual pressing, acupuncture administered by a licensed practitioner, or the DIY approach using ear seeds. Ear seeds, in particular, offer a convenient and accessible way to reap the benefits of auriculotherapy. You can purchase ear seed kits online without the need for a prescription, making it easy to incorporate this holistic practice into your daily routine. So, take the next step on your journey to improved well-being and visit our online ear seeds shop today. Your path to better health is just a click away!

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