Auriculo 360 Review: What We Love 💗 & What Could Be Better 👂

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Auriculotherapy, or therapy of the ear, is a simple yet amazing health hack. Its most popular forms are ear acupuncture and ear acupressure. Auriculotherapy has been around for thousands of years, with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, with access to tools and information, more people are trying the acupressure type of auriculotherapy at home (and you can too!).

One way to do auriculotherapy on your own at home is with ear seeds. Ear seeds are tiny beads or pellets that have a small sticker attached to them. The sticker sticks to your ear, and the ear seed applies a constant and gentle “acupressure” to specific ear points.

You can buy a starter ear seeds kit here, and it comes with not only ear seeds, but tweezers and alcohol wipes as well — almost everything you need to get started except for the mirror.

And one other thing.

You see, the key to putting these tiny beads on your ears and actually getting a therapeutic benefit from it is in knowing where to place the ear seeds to provide relief from certain symptoms or conditions.

Some acupressure companies selling ear seeds include digital or printed 2-dimensional ear seeding charts with their products. At My Ear Seeds we don’t do that. Why? Because we’ve found something better for our customers and clients: an app called Auriculo 360.

In this Auriculo 360 review, we’ll take a close look at this app. We’ll show you how it works, what’s good about it, and how it might be useful for you if you’re interested in trying auriculotherapy at home.

As parents and business owners who are also passionate about health, we understand the importance of finding EASY and effective ways to optimize our wellness. So, without further ado, let’s get into this Auriculo 360 review!

What is Auriculo 360?

Auriculo 360 is a reference software used by both auriculotherapy practitioners and everyday people like you to help identify where on the ear to apply ear seeds. This software is perfect both for people who are just starting with auriculotherapy and for those who are a bit more seasoned.

When using ear seeds to help alleviate certain conditions or symptoms (or simply up-level your wellness), knowing where to apply the ear seeds makes all the difference. Auriculo 360 gives you the blueprint with its 3-dimensional ear that you can rotate, zoom, expand, and move to see all the target acupoints on the outer ear.

The reason why using a 3D ear will help you more than using a 2D image is because some of the ear points, although still on the outer ear, are hidden from 2-dimensional view. The protocol for hot flashes is one example. Although we already tilted the below ear when we took a screenshot (see how it’s pointing slightly downward?), a few acupoints are still out of view:

Auriculo 360 ear showing points for hot flashes
Image for this Auriculo 360 review used with permission by Miridia Acupuncture Technology

For some protocols, the target acupoints are actually behind the ear. 👀 Trying to understand these on a 2D chart can be confusing, but seeing them on a 3D ear you can move on a screen with your fingertips makes them unmissable.

Core features of Auriculo 360

This is the part of our Auriculo 360 review where we go over the core features. You already know that the primary feature of this technology is a 3-dimensional ear. Here are some other features of the software:

480+ acupressure points and condition protocols

  • 300+ points, derived from both the European and Chinese frameworks for auricular points
  • 180+ protocols/conditions
  • Detailed information on all the protocols (descriptions, causes, and complications), as well as the points
  • Ability to export a 2D shot of the ear (based on how you rotated, zoomed or expanded it), PLUS the detailed information, into a PDF that is sent directly to your email

Simple customization options

  • Choose from 5 different ear colors (skin tones)
  • Select from 5 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese
  • Ability to add and save your own notes and reminders on protocols and points
  • Ability to add extra points and protocols

Multi- and cross-device usage

  • Use Auriculo 360 across a variety of devices and systems (computer, tablet, and mobile; iOS and Android) — and because you’re logged into your account, all of your customizations are saved and carry on from device to device!

Easy enough for anyone to use

  • Auriculo 360 is easy to use and makes sense for any client, patient or practitioner of auriculotherapy. The user interface is rudimentary, which makes navigating the desktop and mobile apps a breeze, even for those with the most basic of tech skills.
Auriculo 360 review - auriculotherapy software

Our take on Auriculo 360

What makes this tool really great

A couple of months into building the My Ear Seeds website, we started looking for an auriculotherapy software to embed into our site. We didn’t want to have to recreate the wheel in helping our customers and clients know where on the ear to place their ear seeds. And we also knew we wanted something more than a 2-dimensional ear seed placement chart.

When we discovered Auriculo 360, we were ecstatic and immediately signed up for an account. This was exactly what we had hoped to find.

Auriculo 360 is versatile in that it’s useful for an ear seeding newbie, and it’s equally as valuable for an auriculotherapy practitioner. We trust the accuracy and precision of the points, it includes a variety of treatment protocols, and it’s incredibly user friendly. Each of these features enhances the DIY experience of ear seeding at home.

What we think could be better

If we had to suggest a few features to take Auriculo 360 to the next level, here’s what we’d recommend for increased personalization:

  • The ability to upload a series of images (or a video) to create a 3D version of your own ear (left and right) so that the acupressure points can show up on your ear
  • A goal-setting feature and guidance on setting up systems for making ear seeding a long-term habit
  • A calendar feature to log and keep streaks of ear seed usage
  • A daily symptom or mindfulness check-in
  • The ability to turn on notification reminders for stimulating the ear seeds three times each day

Inspiration for the above ideas comes from our favorite health and wellness related apps: Zero (for intermittent fasting) and The Fitbit App.

Pricing and availability of Auriculo 360

As of 2024, the Auriculo 3D auriculotherapy software has two package options:

  • Individual, at $14.95 per month (for use on up to 3 devices)
  • Clinic, at $19.99 per month (for use on up to 10 devices)

Yearly plans are available for an additional savings, too, if you prefer.

Click here to start your trial to Auriculo 360 today!

Currently, the maker of the app, Miridia Acupuncture Technology, offers a 30-day trial. This makes the initial Auriculo 3D download free. The offer also includes a 100% money-back guarantee for a full refund within the first 60 days if you’re not happy with it.

The final verdict in our Auriculo 360 review

My Ear Seeds is not only an affiliate partner, we’re a customer. And we’d be a customer even without being an affiliate if that opportunity wasn’t available. We believe in and stand behind the product, and our interactions with the Miridia Technology team have been nothing but positive.

With its low monthly subscription cost, money-back guarantee, transferability between devices, and of course the nearly 500 combined points and protocols on a 3-dimensional ear, Auriculo 360 is truly a leader in auriculotherapy software, and if you couldn’t already tell from this Auriculo 360 review, we couldn’t recommend it more to complete your ear seeding experience.

Click here to start your trial to Auriculo 360 today!

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