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ear seeds for anxiety

Ear Seeds for Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety? Ear seeds may help! Using ear seeds for anxiety is backed by research. We can help guide you on where...
Shen Men Point and Ear Seeds

The Shen Men Point and Ear Seeds

In ear seeding, the Shen Men point is a significant acupressure point that holds a reputation for its vast potential benefits. Learn more!
ear seeds for dysmenorrhea

Ear Seeds for Dysmenorrhea

Struggling from intense period pain and cramping? It's called dysmenorrhea, and ear seeds could be part of your treatment plan to help you!
ear seeds side effects

Safe or Unsafe? Ear Seeds Side Effects

Ear seeds are considered by qualified practitioners and researchers to be safe and effective. But are there ear seeds side effects? Find out!
why do my ear seeds hurt

Why Do My Ear Seeds Hurt?

Discover why ear seeds sometimes cause discomfort or pain, and what to do to provide relief and make your ear seed journey more...
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