acupressure point behind ear - massage and reflexology

What’s the Acupressure Point Behind Ears?

Discover an overlooked treasure: the acupressure point behind ears. Unearth a side of holistic wellness that's often left untapped! See the points.
how to know which ear acupressure point to use

How to Know Which Ear Acupressure Point to Use

Knowing exactly which ear acupressure point to use for your specific condition or symptoms can be overwhelming. We're here to make it easy!
earlobe pressure points for ear seeding

6 Earlobe Pressure Points to Use for Brain Health

Based on traditional medicine practices like reflexology and acupressure, earlobe pressure points correspond to the brain, head, and face.
Auriculo 360 review - auriculotherapy software

Auriculo 360 Review: What We Love 💗 & What Could Be Better 👂

In this Auriculo 360 review, find out why we gladly recommend this 3D acupressure placement chart app to customers and clients of My Ear Seeds!
woman stepping on weight loss scale

Powerful Auricular Points for Weight Loss

Where should you put ear seeds if you're trying to lose weight? See what different experts recommend for auricular points for weight loss.
acupressure point to stop coughing

Is There an Acupressure Point to Stop Coughing?

Seeking an acupressure point to stop coughing? Here's a secret: there's not just one you can try, but several! And we're solely talking about the ear!
Shen Men piercing

Read This Before You Get a Shen Men Piercing

Can a Shen Men piercing help with anxiety? Read why people get this piercing, whether it really works, and an acupressure alternative to consider.
apply ear seeds yourself

How Do You Apply Ear Seeds Yourself?

You can apply ear seeds yourself — you just need to know how & where to place the seeds. Get our best tips on DIY ear seeds application here.
Shen Men Point and Ear Seeds

The Shen Men Point and Ear Seeds

In ear seeding, the Shen Men point is a significant acupressure point that holds a reputation for its vast potential benefits. Learn more!

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