ear seeds for ear infections

Ear Seeds for Ear Infections: 11 Acupressure Points

Struck by an ear infection? Try ear seeds for ear infections. We show you where to place these tiny acupressure beads for possible symptom relief!
Ear seeds for hot flashes

Ear Seeds for Hot Flashes: 7 Essential Acupressure Points

Are you looking for natural relief for hot flashes? Come learn about ear seeds for hot flashes, a research-backed approach to women's wellness!
ear seeds for arthritis

Ear Seeds for Arthritis: Benefits, Placement & Research

Considering ear seeds for arthritis? Find out where to place ear seeds for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as the benefits for both!
Acupressure for gambling disorder treatment

Acupuncture and Acupressure for Gambling Disorder Treatment

Auricular acupressure for gambling disorder treatment could be part of your path to sobriety. Try this evidence-based acupressure tool for yourself.
woman stepping on weight loss scale

Powerful Auricular Points for Weight Loss

Where should you put ear seeds if you're trying to lose weight? See what different experts recommend for auricular points for weight loss.
ear seeds for tinnitus - ringing in ears

Ear Seeds for Tinnitus: Could They Help?

Tinnitus is a frustrating condition with no cure. But ear acupressure could help. Learn more about this therapy and shop ear seeds for tinnitus now.
Ear seeds for fertility

Ear Seeds for Fertility: An Optimistic Outlook

If you're on a fertility journey, add these tiny acupressure beads to your toolkit. Talk to your healthcare provider today about ear seeds for fertility!
Ear Seeds for Migraines

Ear Seeds for Migraines: Relief in a Tiny Bead

More people every day are turning to ear seeds for migraines, which affect at least 10% of the population. Try this holistic remedy for migraine relief!
acupressure point to stop coughing

Is There an Acupressure Point to Stop Coughing?

Seeking an acupressure point to stop coughing? Here's a secret: there's not just one you can try, but several! And we're solely talking about the ear!
control weight gain during pregnancy

Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy with Ear Seeds

Exciting new research study shows that pregnant women using ear seeds were able to substantially control weight gain during pregnancy.
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