DIY Red Light Therapy at Home with This State-of-the-Art Device

At My Ear Seeds, we’re big fans of DIY home remedies and natural wellness. Whether it’s ear seeds for acupressure therapy or heating pads for pain relief, we are big proponents of the right health-promoting tools and devices getting into the hands of people who need them. And with that being said, we are delighted to recommend a tool for red light therapy at home that fits into the palm of your hand.

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Why red light therapy at home?

In home red light therapy, using a small, user-friendly device, offers a range of benefits that can enhance your health and wellness routine:

  • Skin health improvement: Red light therapy can stimulate collagen production, which may reduce wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of your skin. It’s often used for its anti-aging properties and to promote a healthier skin complexion.
  • Pain relief: This therapy is known to reduce inflammation and provide relief from muscle and joint pain. It’s beneficial for those suffering from conditions like arthritis, muscle aches, or chronic pain.
  • Enhanced healing: By increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, red light therapy can speed up the body’s natural healing processes. This makes it useful for healing wounds, scars, and even for post-surgery recovery.
  • Mood and sleep improvement: Exposure to red light can influence your circadian rhythms, potentially leading to improved sleep patterns and mood. It may be beneficial for those with sleep disorders or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Reduced inflammation: The therapy is effective in reducing inflammation throughout the body, which is a root cause of many chronic diseases and health issues.
  • Increased energy levels: Some users report a boost in energy after regular use, possibly due to improved cellular function and increased mitochondrial efficiency.
  • Convenience and comfort: Administering red light therapy at home means you can enjoy these benefits comfortably and at your convenience, without the need for frequent clinic visits.
  • Cost effective: Over time, using a home device can be more economical than multiple treatments at a clinic or spa.
  • Hair growth stimulation: There’s evidence suggesting that red light therapy can stimulate hair follicles, encouraging hair growth in some individuals.
  • Safe and non-invasive: It’s a safe, non-invasive alternative to some other treatments, with minimal side effects reported.

A core value of ours at My Ear Seeds is to only promote treatment modalities that are backed by peer-reviewed research. So it’s affirming when we read conclusions like the following, for a variety of conditions and symptoms, from studies as early as 2006 (and even earlier) through today:

  • “The non-invasive LED phototherapy method using red and near-infrared LED light was effective in alleviating symptoms of allergic rhinitis.” (Park, 2019)
  • “LED 660 nm irradiation promoted anti-proliferative activities through autophagy in breast cancer-origin cells. These findings have suggested that LED 660 nm might be developed and be employed as an alternative cancer treatment method in future.” (Yang et al., 2021)
  • “Combination blue and red LED therapy {of 633 nm} appears to have excellent potential in the treatment of mild to severe acne.” (Goldberg & Russell, 2006)

Red light therapy at home provides a practical way to tap into these health benefits, making it a valuable addition to your daily wellness regimen.

In home red light therapy with Photizo

The in home red light therapy product we’re excited to recommend is called Photizo, and it’s distributed by the same company as our favorite ear seed placement chart software, Miridia Acupuncture Technology. Click this banner to learn more:

In home red light therapy products are becoming increasingly popular and widely accessible. Before we were introduced to Photizo, we actually bought a red light therapy device from Amazon to help treat Chris’ (Kaci’s of My Ear Seeds husband) cold sores.

But although you can get red light therapy from most any online marketplace these days, you do get what you pay for. Not all red light therapy devices saturating the market are created equal. When you invest in a device like Photizo, you can be confident you’re getting a state-of-the-art product, backed by a one-year warranty and a 60-day hassle-free return policy if you’re not satisfied.

The Photizo pain relief advantage

The Photizo pain relief device stands out with its precise, research-backed wavelengths of 633 nm in the red spectrum and 850 nm in infrared. These specific wavelengths are proven to be more effective, which means they’re tailored to provide the best possible results in pain relief and tissue repair.

In contrast, consumer-grade devices often opt for less effective wavelengths like 650 nm for red light and 940 nm for infrared. Additionally, these cheaper options sometimes include a variety of other colors that may look appealing but do not contribute to the therapeutic effects.

Designed for efficacy

The Photizo device is a solid tool designed for professional use, ensuring fast and reliable results. This is due in part to its high-quality diodes that deliver a precise dose of light for focused penetration, directly targeting the area of discomfort or inflammation.

On the flip side, the budget-friendly versions you might find online often use numerous small, low-quality LEDs. These may create an impressive light show, but they fall short on providing effective treatment due to their weak penetration and less precise dosing.

Battery life considerations

With the Photizo in home red light therapy device, you can expect up to 140 continuous treatments on a single charge, showcasing its efficiency and reliability for regular use. Meanwhile, the cheaper alternatives frequently have unspecified battery life, and some are not even rechargeable, leading to additional hassle and expense.

Making the right choice for your health

When you choose Photizo for red light therapy at home, you’re investing in a professional-grade tool that promises durability, effectiveness, and dedicated support.

While it may be tempting to save money up front with a less expensive consumer device, the long-term benefits of choosing quality over cost are clear. With the Photizo, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that stands the test of time.

What does red light therapy at home have to do with ear seeds?

At My Ear Seeds, we’re first and foremost a distributor of ear seeds and other ear acupressure tools and accessories. But we’re also believers in building a comprehensive wellness toolbox — one that includes not only ear seeds but all sorts of holistic and natural health goodies. As A Game of Thrones‘ George R.R. Martin wrote, “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”

wellness toolbox


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